Image of Hidden (A Bone Secrets Novel)


Image of Hidden (A Bone Secrets Novel)

Jack Frost sure can pack a punch in the Pacific Northwest during the wintertime, but with Elliot’s debut novel on hand, you can bet your mittens this thrilling tale of passion and suspense will quickly generate significant snow meltage. Realistic characters and a frightening plot will keep readers spellbound with numerous twists and turns, and the book wraps up with a love scene that’s hot enough to make a polar bear sweat. Here’s a whodunit that will leave you gripping the pages so tightly your knuckles will turn white.

Lacey Campbell thinks she has finally recovered from the loss of her best friend when the serial killer called the Co-ed slayer becomes the talk of the town again 11 years after he committed nine vicious murders. Lacey is a forensic odontologist who is called in by the state medical examiner to analyze the teeth and skeletal remains that were found on the property of gorgeous ex-cop Jack Harper. She is baffled to learn that the bones are identified as belonging to her dear classmate, one of the victims from the campus of Oregon State University. Now people who were responsible for throwing the brutal killer in prison are turning up dead, but the Co-ed Slayer died quite some time ago while he was incarcerated, so he can no longer be blamed for the latest murders. Who’s the new culprit? And, can Lacey and Jack avoid being next on the killer’s list while they try to suppress their powerful magnetic attraction to each other? (MONTLAKE, Jul., 366 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime Geraldi