Image of Hidden (House of Night Novels)


Image of Hidden (House of Night Novels)

At the end of Destined, Neferet was finally exposed as evil to someone other than Zoey & Co., which now changes the dynamic of their fight. Cast and Cast use numerous perspectives for this book, giving readers insight into the motivation and emotions of various protagonists. Free will, choice and honor are explored throughout this story as these beloved characters face continuing jeopardy. This long-running series continues to change, grow and provide hours of wonderful reading pleasure!

After her mother was sacrificed by Neferet to the Darkness, and Dragon was killed by the Aurox, Zoey is devastated. But since Thanatos, the acting High Priestess of the House of Night, saw all of this unfold, Zoey’s and her friends’ warnings are finally taken seriously. But Neferet will not go down without a fight. She cleverly attempts to drive a wedge between the human population of Tulsa and the School. Can Zoey and crew fight both Neferet and stop any growing fear within the human population? (ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, Oct., 320 pp., $18.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith