Image of Hidden Agendas (Tempting SEALs)


Image of Hidden Agendas (Tempting SEALs)

Treachery and intrigue combine with
blistering hot sensuality in this chapter
of Leigh's SEAL saga. The title of this book is particularly apt, since many of the characters are not what they seem, and betrayal can have deadly consequences. Leigh's books can scorch the
ink off the page.

For the second time, Emily Stanton, the daughter of a U.S. senator, has become the target of the dangerous Fuentes cartel. Navy SEAL Kell Kreiger was part of the team that rescued Emily from Diego Fuentes' compound.

Bringing down Diego is priority number one for the men of Kell's team. This time it will fall to Kell to try to ride herd on the feisty Emily. Determined to live her own life, Emily has ignored the handsome bodyguards her father has foisted on her -- until Kell arrives. There is no escaping the tumultuous passion that erupts between them, but can they survive the deadly danger posed by deceit and betrayal? (ST. MARTIN'S, Jul., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith