Image of The Hidden Child: A Novel


Image of The Hidden Child: A Novel

Rich in detail, Läckberg’s saga is a journey from present-day Sweden to WW II Germany and back again, as the travails of everyday family life intermingle with the search for a violent criminal. There’s more than one villain here, and the element of surprise is magnified within the excellently crafted plot. The characters in these pages come to life as the story progresses. Kudos to Läckberg.

The murder of Erik Frankel snowballs into an investigation that leads crime writer Erica Falck and her detective husband, Patrik Hedström, down an unexpected path. Just days before his death, Erica visited Frankel with a Nazi medal to find its origin, but had no luck. Strange, considering she found the medal among her late mother’s possessions and Frankel had been one of her mother’s friends during WW II. The more Erica encounters brick walls, the more she is determined to delve into the past surrounding her mother and the friends known to Frankel. As she, Patrik and the Fjällbacka police department uncover details from 60 years earlier, another frightening murder occurs in the present. (Pegasus, May, 400 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown