Image of Hidden Embers: A Dragon's Heat Novel


Image of Hidden Embers: A Dragon's Heat Novel

Steamy, off-the-charts sex, a deadly virus, cutting-edge technology, espionage and draconian torture all sit side by side in this first-class, shapeshifting novel. This second installment in the Dragonstar series is a glorious continuation of the first, filled with a fiery passion that’s hot enough to set the desert sands aflame.

As a virus spreads rapidly through his people, the Dragonstar clan, shapeshifting clan healer Dr. Quinn Maguire is obsessed with finding a cure for the disease that has killed so many. He even agrees to bring in human hematologist Dr. Jasmine Kane to help find a cure. Jazz has been around the world, dedicated to her job until an explosion in a war-torn country sidelined her on medical leave from the CDC. She agrees to come to the New Mexico desert to help her friend find a cure for a strange disease. Quinn falls hard and fast for her, and, what may be even worse, it is decreed that this human is his soul mate and life partner. As sensuality weaves a spell over the pair, the disease continues to spread and an opposing clan seeks to destroy the Dragonstar. (HEAT, Apr., 336 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper