Image of Hidden Fire (Firefighters of Station Five, Book 3)


Image of Hidden Fire (Firefighters of Station Five, Book 3)

While it would have been wonderful
to have been swept away by a story about hot firefighters, Davis' effort falls flat. The hero struggles with the dislike of his co-workers, and readers aren't going to care much for him either. Perhaps worse than an unlikable hero is a heroine who makes annoying and nonsensical flip-flop decisions. Couple that with a parallel plot that lacks continuity with the main plot and a villain who's completely unbelievable, and this book is all wet.

Julian Salvatore has a crush on beautiful attorney Grace McKenna. He's been calling her nonstop for months, but she's been ignoring him. When he discovers she's representing the man who molested him as a child he cannot help but warn her. Grace dismisses his concern.

However, after some people disappear and someone tries to kill Julian, the stakes are raised. Grace is pulled into the danger when she nurses him back to health after he's hit by a car. Together they uncover clues and help the police find who's abducting and dismembering the victims. As the killer gets close to home, Julian and Grace must trust each other to survive. (SIGNET, Dec., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton