Gillian de lEau Clair once shared an undeniable love with Rannulf FitzClifford. But he betrayed her love and trust when he ran away, leaving her nothing but a broken betrothal contract. Therefore shes stunned to see Rannulf at her estate posing as a stranger years later.

Hurt and angered by his rejection and his betrayal of her love, she sets out to ignore him, but the old passion between them will not die and all too soon she finds herself in his arms, uncovering the reason for his treachery.

Now the young lovers are caught in a tightening web between those who wish to control the keep and a vicious enemy who will do anything to possess Gillian.

THE HIDDEN HEART makes the reader a promise on the first page and keeps it to the last. Full of warmth, Gillian and Rannulfs love story proves itself a rich addition to medieval readers shelves. SENSUAL (Nov., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin