Since she was a young child, Elsbeth Douglas has been ensconced in the castle tower by her ruthless uncle and knows nothing of her birthright. As a young woman, she earns her keep as a servant to the spiteful daughters and wife of Sir Hector Farnsworth and lives the life of a menial.

When one of the wee people bring Elsbeth and Sir Patrick MacRae together, their lives will change. Patrick becomes Sir Hector's falconer, enabling him to see much of Elsbeth. Something about the woman intrigues him, almost as if he has known her forever. When the perfidy of a powerful man condemns Elsbeth to death, it is up to Patrick and the little people to save her. The second of the romances about the Sisters of the Secret Clan, THE HIDDEN HEIRESS is a well-written, recommended read.

Ms. Scott combines falconry, political intrigue, nuances of the paranormal and a hair-raising rescue in this sensual romance. SENSUAL (Aug., 348 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond