After getting a client acquitted who later commits murder, attorney Lindsay Paxton leaves her father's law firm for a career in law enforcement. She joins the FBI to alleviate some of the guilt she still feels over the Hudson case. Years later, Lindsay is forced to return to New York due to her father's illness and he asks her to take over the firm, which means taking on a case bearing eerie similarities to Hudson's.

Lindsay approaches Mark Reeves, who once worked for her father, and asks him to step in. Mark isn't interested, until he learns that the victims in the new rape/murder case all bear a striking resemblance to Lindsay. Was she the focus of the killer all along?

Take two strong personalities with control issues, and building a lasting relationship will be a challenge. In her debut thriller, Jones does a great job adding layers of suspense to this mixture of romance and drama. (Nov., 257 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith