When Griffen Tyrrell buys Lady Cicely Honeysett's estate, he thinks he has found a bargain until he encounters the resident ghost, Alisdair, and is determined to make Lady Cicely remove the unwelcome guest.

Cicely is finally free from her husband's indifference and plans to enjoy her independence when Griffen demands she return to exorcise Alisdair.

Sweet, gentle Cicely is adored by Alisdair. Although he's been dead for centuries, the Scotsman protects his mistress the only way he knows how: howling, shape changing and terrible mischief making. Cicely would never hurt Alisdair, but she needs him to stop his mischief so she can leave.

It isn't long before Griffen falls under Cicely's spell and would love to lure the beauty into his bed without Alisdair's interference. At first it seems as if two men vie for her affection, one flesh and blood and the other an immortal spirit.

Alisdair becomes an unwilling matchmaker when he realizes that Cicely has fallen in love with Griffen, and when the entire village is threatened by evil, Alisdair comes to the rescue.

A HIDDEN MAGIC is an absolute delight! Ms. Wilhelm continues to charm readers with her unique sense of humor and inventiveness. Though he's not the hero, Alisdair is definitely a kissable man and one readers will wish would come and haunt their homes. (June, 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin