Widow Eliza Wyatt is just plain tired of losing everything dear to her, believing its Gods way of punishing her. Then, Aunt Betty prays for a guardian angel to come help, Gabriel Harper arrives in town, Elizas world begins to blossom. But her past and her pain help her keep her distance from the stranger, Gabriel, and he might not be the answer to her prayers.

If it turns out that he isnt then Eliza will find herself on the losing end, again. Will the pieces of the puzzle, once put together, prove that she has nothing to fear? And will both of them release the secrets that have held them prisoner for so long, finally gaining their freedomand each others love?

Lynn Austin pens a wonderful fictional memoir with many twists and turns. Written with clarity and an overwhelmingly joyful approach, this story sparkles with life. My only complaint would be that sometimes, when Eliza and Betty each reminisce, there is little distinction between the characters, yet in the present day portion of the story there is a defining dimension between the two. (Aug., 432 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston