Few authors have Gardner's gift for imbuing realistic
and flawed characters
with a strangely compelling humanity. Her stories are always densely plotted and completely captivating.

Detective Bobby Dodge nearly lost his career over the case of Catherine Gagnon, a child who was abducted, abused and kept in a pit by a now-deceased madman. For Sergeant D.D. Warren and Bobby, the discovery of another pit containing the skeletal remains of six girls is a horrific reminder of the past. One of the bodies is wearing a locket with the name Annabelle Granger, so police are startled when Annabelle walks into the station.

When she was 7, Annabelle and her parents fled Boston and were constantly on the move and changing identities, but she never discovered what her parents feared. Now, following their deaths, Annabelle is back in Boston when she learns of the body with her locket. Despite some similarities to the old case, Bobby suspects this killer is still on the loose and inevitably tracking the one girl who got away. (BANTAM, Feb., 372 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith