In a small Missouri town, Jo Callaway begins her new life. One, she hopes, that will be safe. A combination of vulner-ability and strength, Jo is often unaware of how much she has already endured and yet wonders how much more she can take. Daily she places her trust in God as she attempts to hide herself in her refuge, the town of Ambleside.

Luke Easton, on the other hand, doesnt trust God and he certainly isnt pleased when Jo Callaway is determined to work for him.

All Luke wants is to work and take care of his daughter and try to forget about his wifes passing. But somehow Jo gets under his skin. When events and rumors start, leading him to believe Jo isnt who she said she was, he finds that he has to learn to trust or lose everythingincluding Jo.

HIDE AND SEEK, another tender small-town romance by this talented author, is the second in a series. If you enjoyed the first, Finders Keepers, youll want to return to Ambleside with this book. (May, 255 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston