Delanie Eastman has spent her life being her familys caretaker. So when her sister Lauren once again calls for help, Delanie reluctantly rides to the rescue. However this time she is too late and Lauren mysteriously disappears. Delanies only clue is that she was last seen with the notorious drug dealer and terrorist Ramon Montero. Realizing that in order to find Lauren, she must get close to Ramon, Delanie plays the vamp and manages to get invited to Ramons remote South American hacienda.

Delanie is horrified to discover that among the other guests at the hacienda is none other than Dr. Kyle Wright, the man with whom she had a brief but torrid affair with seven years ago. Neither is thrilled to see the other, as each have their own reasons for getting involved with Ramon. Kyle is at the end of a four-year undercover operation, and he is certainly not going to let Delanie sabotage his mission. On the other hand, Delanie is not about to leave without learning the truth about her sisters disappearance. Their stalemate could cost them both dearly.

Cherry Adair stokes up the heat and intrigue in her brand new adventurous thriller. HIDE AND SEEK cements Ms. Adairs growing reputation as a hot talent to watch. (Oct., 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith