Sexy, exhilarating and seasoned with gripping suspense, this is Meryl Sawyer at the top of her form. Impossible to put down, THE HIDEAWAY is guaranteed to heat up any cold winter night!

For Taos Art Gallery owner Claire Holt, it is her own horrifying version of the lost weekend. Claire has only the vaguest memories of what happened the night before at the sleazy Hogs & Heifers Bar with its attached "motel" named The Hideaway. Claire's embarrassment turns to horror when her nemesis Sheriff Zach Coulter arrives with both her wallet and underwear, asking what she knows about the murder of rival gallery owner Duncan Morrell. It seems Duncan was killed at the Hideaway and since Claire can't remember details, she is one of the prime suspects.

From Claire's vague descriptions, Zach suspects that she was slipped the drug Rohypnol AKA "the date-rape drug." Was Claire's drugging a coincidence or part of a plan to frame her for murder? Claire and Zach have a tumultuous history which dates back to the tragic deaths of Claire's mother and Zach's father, lovers who planned to run away together. Claire's father has nourished a hatred and bitterness against Zach that will not die.

Whatever their past differences, Zach may be the only thing standing between Claire and a murder charge. They both have made dangerous enemies, ones who don't mind adding a little murder to their list of crimes.

(Nov., 405 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith