Harper's latest has a shiver-inducing, dramatic premise. A couple of scenes veer slightly into melodrama, but readers will likely be inclined to overlook it because the plot and characters are
so compelling.

When P.I. Tara Kinsale emerges from a coma, she learns her
life has changed completely. Her best friend, Alex, has been murdered, and she's been appointed guardian of
Alex's daughter, Claire.

But Claire's uncle, Nick MacMahon, is about to
take custody of the girl. Agreeing to
stick around while Nick and Claire
get used to each other, Tara begins to piece together the months she's missing.
A routine visit to a doctor yields
the disturbing possibility that Tara
gave birth while she was comatose.

Her husband divorced her in the
interim, and he's now remarried with
a child. Further inquiry only raises
more questions -- which someone
will do anything to keep Tara from answering.

(MIRA, Nov., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer