For six weeks, Faith Parker has lain in a deep coma. Her unexpected awakening shocks everyone, including her doctors. While there doesnt seem to be any permanent physical damage, Faith has near total amnesia. As she regains her strength, Faith learns that all her hospital bills have been paid by her friend, Dinah Leighton and that Dinah herself has mysteriously disappeared.

Dinahs lover, businessman Kane MacGregor, has offered a million-dollar reward for her return. Kane has also contacted his old college chum, FBI Agent Noah Bishop, for help.

As Faith tries to put her life back together, shes haunted by dreams and visions. But are the visions from Faiths life or Dinahs? Faith starts to suspect that she had a special connection with her now-missing friend. Can Faiths visions help find Dinah?

Tantalizing mystery, ominous danger and a touch of the paranormal give a vibrant flare to the second book in Kay Hoopers new Thrillogy. As in the previous novel, FBI Agent Noah Bishop provides the common thread connecting this unique series. (Oct., 384 pp, $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith