Image of High-Caliber Christmas


Image of High-Caliber Christmas

HIGH-CALIBER CHRISTMAS (4.5) by B.J. Daniels: Jace Dennison comes home to Whitehorse, Mont., to bury the woman he believed to be his mother, but somewhere along the way, he’s picked up a psychotic stalker who will kill anyone who threatens to separate them. It’s almost the least of his problems as he faces Kayley Mitchell, the woman he left behind, and learns that his biological mother was, in fact, Virginia Winchester. As his feelings for Kayley escalate, he’s also up against the man who has always jealously wanted whatever belongs to Jace. The plot thickens around the secretive Winchester family and, once more, Whitehorse is the stomping ground for a murderer in this intricately plotted entry.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper