Angus McKettrick wants grandchildren before he dies. He tells his three rough and rugged sons that the first to marry and have a child will inherit the ranch. Unwilling to take the chance on being beaten by his brothers, Kade and Jeb, Rafe sends for a mail-order bride.

Raised in her Aunt Becky's Kansas City brothel, Emmeline Harding is a pariah in local society—despite the fact that she remains pure as the driven snow. All Emmeline wants is a home and children, so she grabs the chance to become Rafe's proxy bride.

She quickly finds that her new husband is handsome and kind, but pig-headed and with a lot to learn about women. She fears that if he learns about her past, he'll annul the marriage, even though they've fallen in love. Her worst fears come true when her aunt comes to town to open a hotel!

Linda Lael Miller is one of the finest American writers in the genre. She beautifully crafts stories that bring small-town America to life and peoples them with characters you really care about. You'll adore the McKettericks, and it is a testament to Ms. Miller's writing skills that she makes you feel you know these people and care about their problems, loves and worries the way you know and care about your friends and family. Get set to enjoy this new series. SENSUAL (Nov., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin