Image of The High Country Rancher


Image of The High Country Rancher

THE HIGH COUNTRY RANCHER (4.5) by Jan Hambright: Baylor McCollough was the prime suspect in his wife's death as far as a zealous investigator was concerned. Even after it was ruled an accident, Baylor still looked over his shoulder. Now the agent is missing and Deputy Mariah Ellis is on the job. Mariah believes in following her instinct, and it's telling her Baylor's a victim. Before they know it, the pair is ducking bullets, falling into unused mine shafts, rounding up bodies and putting out barn fires. Somebody wants this high country rancher and everyone close to him dead, but why? Hambright delivers a clever and twisted mystery with a complicated plot, straight-arrow characters and carefully laid red herrings in this suspense delight.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper