Image of High Country Rebel


Image of High Country Rebel

Realistic characters are the foundation of this romance, a refreshing read with characters that start out broken but put one another back together through love. This is a romance novel that is heavy on romance instead of wild erotic sex. They both have their place, but it’s refreshing to read a story with love as the reason for passion.

Former Navy SEAL Talon Holt has come home to be with his ailing mother. It soon becomes apparent that Talon is the one who needs healing, as PTSD has him struggling to fit in. Getting caught in a devastating snowstorm puts Talon in an even more vulnerable state. Paramedic Cat Edwin not only saves him physically but helps heal his emotional wounds as well. But Cat has demons of her own. With a troubled past and a violent ex-boyfriend, trusting men does not come easily. A deep attraction brings them closer, and an even deeper desire to help one another rebuild their hearts. (HQN, Sep., 384 pp., $7.99)

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