The bright, shining star of fabulous new author Dara Joy gains added luster with this scintillating romance.

She is a ditzy young reporter trying to make her mark on the journalistic world. He is one of today's most famous scientists, a unique-minded man who is as sexy as he is intelligent. And when Zanita Masterson accidentally sets foot in the classroom of Tyberius Augustus Evans, the sparks begin to fly faster than the speediest high energy particles.

Tyber has never met a lady like this, a woman whose quirky mind always comes up with the unexpected. One of her strangest reactions is her oblivious attitude to his definitely unscientific interest. How can he convince Zanita he's a good man to keep around?

Fortunately, there's a sleazy psychic healer she's determined to unmask as a fraud. Surely she could use a scientist's help to figure out how the scam works.

Thus begins one of the most delightful courtship romances of the year, sparkling with intelligence and wit to please the most discriminating of readers. A joy indeed! (Mar., 400 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer