Image of In High Gear


Image of In High Gear
Kent Grosso, a NASCAR Nextel Cup series champion, and Tanya Wells, a well-known wedding photographer, are head over heels in love in Gina Wilkins' In High Gear (2). Kent is sure they're meant to be together forever and plans on proposing. But before he can, he receives an e-mail threatening to expose that he cheated in college and had to change schools. Tanya is devastated when she finds out, not only because of what Kent did but because he kept it from her. Before Kent and Tanya can work out their problems, however, Kent is once again blackmailed. This time the blackmailer threatens to expose Kent's mother as the one who ran down a member of a rival NASCAR family years ago. Superficial storylines and the unsolved mystery of the blackmailer will leave readers unsatisfied.
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler