Annabel Lee Donovan longs to settle down in one place, but her father's involvement in the dangerous business of bootlegging keeps them moving from town to town.

Finally, they settle in Henderson, Missouri, and it is there that Annabel meets Corbin Appleby.

An ex-lawman, Corbin is in Henderson to help the Marshall ferret out someone in town with ties to bootleggers.

Annabel and Corbin's attraction slowly blossoms into love. But things are about to explode in the town, and fear for her father causes Annabel to question her trust in Corbin.

A spin-off of The Edge of Town, HIGH ON A HILL is vintage Dorothy Garlock. With her gritty dialogue, a sweet and tender primary, as well as secondary, love story, she brings to life the days of prohibition, speakeasies and gangsters. SWEET (Jun., 385 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond