Sexy and unconventional theoretical physicist Tyber Evans is as happy as the proverbial clam over his sensuous love affair with the lovely and also unconventional Zanita Masterson. Knowing he has found his true-life mate, Tyber is ready to tie the matrimonial knot. Zanita however, while wildly in love with Tyber, is terribly afraid some of the magic will go out of their relationship if they marry.

After the success of their first joint venture exposing a dangerous con man, Zanita has dreams of an ongoing investigative partnership. She has already found their next casea ghost is haunting the Florencia Inn on Marthas Vineyard. Todd Sparkling, the owner/chef of the Inn, wants someone to get to the bottom of the eerie visitations, before they scuttle his business.

Seeing a way to obtain his primary goal, Tyber agrees to help Zanita investigate the ghostly sightings only if she agrees to be temporarily married. Genius that he is, Tyber has managed to generate quasi-legal documents for their marriage without ever having to go through the ceremony. Caught, Zanita agrees to the deal. Soon Ty, Zanita, and their whole motley crew are on their way to Marthas Vineyard.

It doesnt take long for the spirits to manifest and soon Tyber has an intriguing puzzle on his hands. After witnessing the events, Zanita is quickly convinced that this may indeed be the work of a ghost, whereas Tyber is still pretty sure there are human machinations involved. Of course, unlocking puzzles is one of Tybers specialties.

Fans who adored Dara Joys earlier novel, High Energy, will be overjoyed that the sexy and sensual duo are making a return engagement. This screwball comedy with a highly sensual twist is guaranteed to provide readers with a rollicking good time. (Aug., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith