Ace Yankee pitcher Daniel Montero has resigned himself to never being able to father children. An infection two years ago makes the idea nearly impossible, so it is with unexpected joy that he learns that he may already have a son. Eight years ago, he had a brief relationship with Colleen Foley. The split was amicable, but she failed to tell him she was pregnant. After the birth of her son, Colleen was killed in a car accident and her sister, Kate, adopted Ben and has raised him with the help of her mother, Molly.

An intense and focused woman, Kate has managed to make her riding stable, High Meadow, profitable in a tough industry. Her devotion to Ben and her business has left her with no time for socializing. But Daniel is determined to be a vital part of Ben's life; convincing Kate of this will take some doing.

HIGH MEADOW is a warm, leisurely story of family dynamics, loss, joy and the discovery of love. Characterization is one of author Joan Wolf's specialties, and it shows in this moving novel. (Feb., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith