In the 21st century, the Crosstime Traffic Corporation has perfected the art of traveling between parallel timelines. Annette Klein and her family have spent the summer in the Kingdom of Versailles, a provincial city, posing as Muslim traders. On their way back to Marseilles, their caravan is overtaken by bandits, and Annette is taken to Madrid, where she and her friend Jacques are sold into slavery. Once enslaved, Annette discovers a conspiracy that goes to the highest places in her home society.

The third book in Turtledove's Crosstime Traffic series, this volume lives up to its predecessors with a charming pair of teenage protagonists and an impeccably researched plot. The alternate history is both plausible and interesting, and the only serious flaw is that the ending is too pat. Despite that, this book stands out as an entertaining and well-written romp through an alternate history. (Jan., 272 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs