Kernan writes an emotionally charged, heartwarming tale of love lost and found. The action is immediate and the tension taut between estranged lovers who reunite to rescue their daughter.

The last man Sarah West ever wanted to see again is her last hope at finding her daughter, who was kidnapped by Sioux Indians after they attacked her wagon train. When the army won't help her, Sarah turns to the man she once loved, and who abandoned her.

Thomas West is surprised to find the woman he could never forget on his doorstep -- his ex-lover, now his brother's wife -- and even more stunned to learn that they fathered a child. They have much to discuss, but the rescue of their daughter comes first. Their journey is filled with peril, but the hardest trial is facing past betrayal. Can they conquer the past and begin a future together as a family? (Harlequin, May, 320 pp, $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer