A double-cross of a casino heist goes bad, leaving three women to risk their lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Two longtime friends agree to a hiking expedition with Sara Powers, not knowing that she's using the hike as a way to escape her abusive husband. Sara's plan is to rendezvous with her lover, who has double-crossed her husband, Randall Powers, after being hired by Randall to rob a casino.

The plan goes awry when Randall discovers Sara's infidelity and kills her lover. When he realizes that Sara has stolen the money and is using the hike with her friends as a means to escape, his pursuit turns deadly.

The scenery and the climbing scenes are fascinating and well described, but the way in which the friends agree to go on the hike in the first place is difficult to believe. A fourth friend was killed five years earlier in a climbing accident in the same location. Despite the pact that the women had made during their summer camp days, their willingness to participate isn't convincing. (dl $5.00)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett