Image of High Seas Stowaway


Image of High Seas Stowaway

Smell the salt spray, feel the deck beneath your feet and hoist the Jolly Roger as McCabe takes you on an entertaining, romantic ride. While accurately capturing the era, she allows her heroine to go from hating the hero for years into his bed in a heartbeat -- too easily for readers to find plausible.

Believing Balthazar Grattiano betrayed her the night his father murdered her mother, Bianca Simonetti vows to kill him if they ever meet again. Six years later the notorious pirate captain strides into her San Domingo tavern.

When Bianca recognizes Balthazar, she's ensnared by her adolescent longing for him. Her hatred melts and desire resurfaces. They become lovers, and when he leaves Bianca stows away aboard his ship, where she's drawn into a world of passion, rules and danger. But nothing is more dangerous than the love that grows between them. (Harlequin, Jan., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin