When Margaret Peterson tells Shelby Wyatt shes being blackmailed by Jack Pruett, Shelby decides to break into Pruetts house and steal back the evidence. What she didnt count on was being a witness to murder. Now Shelby is on the run, afraid to trust the cops, or to risk bringing the killer back to Margaret.

Although its been a few years since Shelby has had to survive by hiding on the streets, the old techniques are coming in very handy. But her plan hits a snag when she accidentally wins a jackpot in the Golden Phoenix Casino. Casino owner Aaron Montana watches the tapes of Shelbys actions and quickly concludes that this is a woman on the run.

Hiding out in Aarons security conscious casino may be the best temporary solution. Trust is not something that Shelby gives lightly, but Aaron is a man unlike any she has ever met before. Should she take the risk?

It is always an extraordinary treat when a new Justine Dare book is released. You can bank on Ms. Dare to deliver an outstanding and exciting reading experience. (Dec., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith