Fiona Burkenhalter is furious when her boss at Davidson Toys informs her that she must go fishing in Florida with a prospective new licenseewhich means that New Yorker Fiona will be stuck with Roy Hudson and some backwoods guide called Ace in the Florida swamps for three whole days.

A horrendous misunderstanding in the Florida airport leaves Fiona and Ace Montgomery ready to strangle one another. Once on the boat, Fiona discovers that Roy is a lecherous old man, but still has no idea why he insisted on her presence. The next morning Fiona is woken by the weight of a dead body lying on top of hersomeone has stabbed old Roy and dumped him in her room. Ace gets the hysterical Fiona off the boat, but before either can find a rational explanation for what has happened, they are accused of murder.

The intricacy of the frame-up, and the fact that their names appear on Roys will, makes Ace realize that unless they can uncover another motive for Roys murder, he and Fiona are sunk.

Fans will be glad to see that Jude Deverauxs beloved Montgomery clan is alive and well in the modern era. HIGH TIDE is packed full of warmth, humor, sensual tension and exciting adventure. What more could you ask of a book? (Sep., 400 pp., $8.00)

HIGH TIDE was a Top Pick when it was reviewed in Hardcover, Dec. 99 (RT issue #189).

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith