Image of Highborn (Dark Redemption)


Image of Highborn (Dark Redemption)

This exciting new series kicks off with a fallen angel taking her first steps toward redemption. Astarte/Brynna is an intriguing character and her attempts to adapt to modern human culture give her a sympathetic edge. Navarro’s ability to tell a well-paced tale that is both hard-edged and emotional is impressive. Here’s to the next chapter!

A feather was the only ray of hope that fallen angel Astarte claimed from her time before hell. Breaking out of hell, Astarte is back among humans in Chicago and going by the name Brynna. The first person she meets is a kindly nephilim (half angel/half human) who is soon gunned down. Detective Eran Redmond doesn’t know what to make of Brynna, whose modern knowledge is sketchy, though her skill with languages is amazing and useful. A serial killer is on the loose and Brynna and Eran have yet to realize that the victims are all nephilim. As Brynna helps Eran, she realizes demonic forces are at work. Can she stop the killings and evade the hunter Lucifer has sent after her? (POCKET/JUNO, Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith