Image of Highland Avenger (Murrays)


Image of Highland Avenger (Murrays)

Howell strokes again! This fast-paced addition to the Murray clan chronicles is loaded with action as two people with demons help each other slay them. The strong prose and well-drawn backdrop, along with recurring characters adds just the right touches to more than satisfy Howell’s legion of fans.

Upon her husband’s death Arianna Lucette, née Murray, discovers the woman she thought was her husband’s mistress was actually his wife, nullifying her marriage. After it appears someone is trying to hurt her sons, she decides to return to Scotland. When the ship she’s on is purposely run aground, they are saved by Brian MacFingal and his clan. Brian hopes that if they split up he can throw her pursuers off track. Brian is fascinated with Arianna but realizes that, as a Murray, she is way above his station. Arianna is attracted to Brian, but her past makes her feel unlovable and inadequate. When she’s captured by her brother-in-law, Brian rescues her, and they becomes lovers. It isn’t until Arianna is reunited with her boys that she comes into her own, allowing herself to love — and to display her fiery temper. Now she must convince Brian that he deserves her. (ZEBRA, Apr., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager