The Murray family rides again in another wonderful story filled with adventure, emotion and laughter. The hero and heroine are hard to resist, and the book's secondary characters are just as great. Howell's characters say exactly what they feel, which at times means the men end up in the doghouse, but it makes for an utterly delightful book.

Artan Murray goes to the lowlands to escort Cecily home. In exchange, Cecily will be his bride and he will become laird. But he arrives to find Cecily betrothed to Sir Fergus Ogilvy.

When Artan tells Cecily about Sir Fergus' devious plans for her, she's furious and disbelieving -- but she realizes it's the truth when Sir Fergus captures her. Artan arrives in time to hear Cecily declare they are handfasted.

Even after Artan and Cecily get home, the danger isn't over. Fergus attacks, and Artan is wounded. As he lies near death, Cecily vows to be the perfect wife -- but her idea of the perfect wife and Artan's are different, and Artan has to get used to the fiery woman he married. (ZEBRA, Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager