Everything else stops when I get a Colleen Faulkner in my hands!

From page one, HIGHLAND BRIDE sweeps us into a unique, lost age where family honor is held above individual hearts and where forbidden love is as magnificent as the land that hides it.

In the legendary Highlands, Kara Burns must obey a long-held betrothal and marry Harry, the surviving Gordon heir and Earl of Dunnane, who is but a child. His illegitimate half-brother Ian Munroe helps serve Dunnane and keeps his young half-brother from harm, even if that means saving Kara from humiliation on the wedding night. It is this chivalry that begins a dangerous passion.

Knowing an affair will bring their death if theyre caught, Ian and Kara cannot refuse their love. When treachery arrives, only the unexpected valor of a not-too honest ally and the deeper secret of a distant, lost love will save the earldom and Karas love for Ian.

With all the talent of a master storyteller, Ms. Faulkner creates an intense, enduring story that stirs all of our senses. She portrays passion and the betrayal of sacred vows with tenderness and honesty, creating an authentic tale just right for our own present time. Kara and Ians story is an absolute must-have to start the new year! SENSUAL (Feb., 317 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black