All Sir Baden Blackblade has to do is escort his liege lord's newborn heir and mistress from London to Knolltop. He is not amused to find himself chasing them across the country. Nor is he pleased when the lady he has sworn to protect stabs him.

Lady Sara of the Forbes is determined to protect her friend's child from brigands and, if necessary, even from the overbearing knight holding her captive. Reluctantly, Sara is attracted to the chivalrous knight who repeatedly rushes to her rescue. She trusts him, even as she betrays him to protect the child.

Baden is enamored of the stubborn beauty who tries his patience and stirs his passions. But he believes she belongs to his lord and so they continually battle the strong attraction and desire burning between them.

Yet, when evil surrounds them and brigands rush to kill them, it is their love that empowers them to triumph over their enemies and carve a future for themselves.

Ms. Greiman's first book in her new trilogy is pure magic. Readers will be delighted with her sensual prose, non-stop action, impossible odds and delicious fantasies. SENSUAL (Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer