A beautiful spy, a handsome Highlander.Espionage, danger, and everlasting love fill the pages of this daring novel that sweeps across England, Scotland and France.

A year after he first set eyes on Selena Delaroe, Gabriel Macpherson is sent undercover to prove that she's a spy for Napoleon. He discovers that Selena is being blackmailed. She must obtain and pass on military secrets in order to protect her brother, Nick, who is in a French prison. Filled with loathing for what she does, Selena does not feel worthy of the love of any man, nor even of God.

Once Gabe learns all of Selena's secrets, he plans to do whatever it takes to protect Selena and her brother, even if it means treason.

Adding to the excitement, Nick, escapes from France and finds love along the way home. Drawing on the Lord for their strength and courage, these characters conquer not only their trials, but reader loyalty as well. Theres something infectious about Ms. Gillenwaters slice-of-life writing style. Her enthusiasm for life, love and the Lord draws readers in and causes their hearts and imaginations to soar. Don't miss this book for it is, quite simply, Ms. Gillenwaters best. (Mar., 400 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Johnson