Image of A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)


Image of A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)

Known for her powerfully written, emotional romances, Ranney blends a murder mystery into the second book in her Scots series. The unique heroine and daring hero are brought to life through powerful prose and sharp dialogue.

Society knows Emma, Duchess of Herridge, as the Ice Queen. No one knows of the hell her ruthless husband put her through, or that her uncle is forcing her into marriage again. When she is abducted by an intruder, Emma discovers passion and freedom. Ian McNair, Earl of Buchane and Laird of Trelawny, is shocked to find that Emma is nothing like the rumors. She is a passionate, sensual woman, abused by cruel men. As his captive, Emma longs for his touch. She is a temptation that Ian cannot resist. But she must return to be married as he heads to Scotland. Yet fate is cruel. Emma’s chosen husband is Ian’s cousin, Bryce. When Bryce takes ill on the road to Scotland and then dies, many suspect he was poisoned by Emma. Ian vows to find the killer, but the answers place their love and lives at risk. (AVON, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin