Flanna MacGowan's father puts her in a trunk and ships her to France because she resembles to her unfaithful mother. Now he has summoned her home to his deathbed and appoints her Flame, laird of Clan MacGowan.

Flame's first act of leadership is to try to kidnap Lady Fiona of the Forbes clan so the MacGowans can avenge the death of their emissary and recover lost animal stock. Much to Flanna's chagrin, she gets Roderic Forbes, brother of the Forbes' laird instead.

"...if the devil meant to tempt her, he would send a man just like this one." Once he's captured, Roderic the Rogue is so intrigued with the lady laird and her ragtag clan that he keeps promising not to escape. He finally realizes that he no longer wishes to escape, only to capture Flanna's heart.

Lois Greiman serves up all the best elements of the medieval genre with scintillating humor, an innovative plot, vivid setting and engaging characters. SENSUAL (March, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger