On her way to London with important messages for Bonnie Prince Charlie, Maggie MacDrumin finds herself in magistrate's court, accused of stealing a man's purse. IN order to save herself from hanging, she invokes the name of the Earl of Rothwell and becomes a reluctant guest in his home.

Edward Carsley, the fourth Earl of Rothwell, is familiar with the name MacDrumin; the lands owned by Maggie's suspected Jacobite father are now his own. To his surprise, the Earl's peaceful life is disrupted by this beguiling Scottish lass.

He decides to accompany Maggie back to Scotland and see to the care of his estates. Rothwell has to deal not only with a prank that results in marriage for him and maggie, but also with her irascible father and his illegal whiskey business. The Earl comes to understand and respect the people of GlenDrumin, and grows to love his little Scottish wife.

Their return to London, however, is welcomed by an unexpected enemy. Will this enemy be thwarted in time to save their lives?

From the pen of a most gifted storyteller, HIGHLAND FLING is a well-crafted romance with a delightful secondary love story, sparking dialogue, and enough humor to tickle the most discerning funny bone. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $4.99)

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