The second book of Saxon’s Highlands Trilogy blends together several interesting and little-explored details of Scottish history to create an emotional journey that, though often painful, is ultimately very rewarding. With a well-crafted, detailed world and plenty of action, this is a series that will sweep readers away. The large cast can be daunting, but fans will no doubt find their way through the lairds and ladies with ease. Though the characters are real and their moving journeys are engaging, the number of plotlines and tropes sometimes detract from the romance at the heart of the story.

Though their summer tryst was all too short, Jesslyn MacCreary and Bao Xiong Maclean cannot forget their time together, or the passion that flared between them. But since that time, Bao has learned that Jesslyn’s family was responsible for selling young Bao and his mother into slavery. When he returns to his brother’s castle to find the widowed Jesslyn pregnant with his baby, Bao resolves to marry her and make her pay for the pain and degradation her family caused — if he can manage to ignore the love that has already bound them inextricably together. (PASSION FLOWER PUBLISHING, Jul., dl., $5.49)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown