Image of The Highland Groom


Image of The Highland Groom

In a lovely tale mixed with a bit of fairy magic and an abundance of sweetness Gabriel lifts spirits and warms hearts as a tender-hearted Highland laird and a sassy lady discover how love is worth any risk and doing good is far better than gaining material riches.

To fulfill the stipulations of her grandmother's will, Fiona MacCarran must marry a wealthy Scotsman and paint fairy pictures. This seems impossible, since Fiona is in the Highlands to teach the children of clan MacGregor. The clan's handsome laird, Dougal MacGregor, is far from rich and most likely smuggling his whiskey out behind the excise men. He's undoubtedly the outlaw her family is determined to arrest. But after one kiss, Fiona feels a powerful connection to Dougal.

Dougal dare not allow his feeling for Fiona to give away the secret of the family's "fairy whiskey" or place his village in danger. But when his smuggling endangers Fiona, they join together to save the clan and free them from her dishonest and vicious cousin's wrath. (AVON, Jan., 380 pp., $5.99)

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Kathe Robin