Image of Highland Heat (Hot Highlanders)


Image of Highland Heat (Hot Highlanders)

Readers will recall Deirdre Chattan from To Conquer a Highlander and be thrilled to read her story. Deirdre is a strong woman and it will take an equally strong man to tame her. Wine has created the perfect complement in Quinton Cameron. They fight just as passionately as they love while intrigue abounds and readers turn the pages faster and faster!

Deirdre Chattan is a tarnished woman living in the abbey where her sister is training to be Mother Superior. Quinton Cameron arrives looking for the queen, Joan Beaufort. Sparks fly, but there is no time to examine them, plus Deirdre doesn’t particularly trust the words of men. When the opportunity to help the queen arises, Deirdre accepts the challenge. Unfortunately that puts her right into Quinton’s keep — and his arms. Their smoldering desires ignite as Quinton has the time to examine his feelings. They become lovers of her own free will, yet Deirdre is determined to help the queen and find a place for herself that will make her father proud of her. She flees but winds up a prisoner. Quinton saves her and brings her to his home where anger turns to love. But trouble arrives in the guise of Quinton’s former betrothed, who wants him back and will do what she has to get him, even commit murder. (SOURCEBOOKS, Mar., 380. pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager