Shaw Campbell has pledged his life to the Church, but when his twin brother, Sutton, does not return from a raid Shaw is determined to find him.

He follows Sutton's trail to the home of their enemy, Upton Lamont. Sutton is near death and Shaw insists that the Lamont women care for him. However, Upton's daughter, Merritt, take orders from no one.

In the dark of night she sneaks from the castle to steal back the animals Sutton stole from her father, but when she encounters trouble it is Shaw who rescues her.

Merritt is confused by Shaw Campbell. He is kind to her crippled brother, Edan, and does not belittle her father because of his infirmities. When Edan is kidnapped, Merritt will not stay behind while Shaw goes after the villains. Their love explodes in passion before Shaw can tell Merritt of his pledge.

Their happy return with Edan is marred by Dillon Campbell's arrival, an ambush, and Shaw's need to rescue Merritt and her family from an insidious enemy.

HIGHLAND HEAVEN is the second book featuring the Clan Campbell in Ruth Langan's beloved Highlander series. Ms. Langan weaves a tapestry of beauty filled with the colors of love. A must-read for Ms. Langan's fans and anyone who savors a Highland romance. SENSUAL (May, 400 pp., $RAT: 4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager