Image of Highland Heiress


Image of Highland Heiress

Moore taps into the culture and mores of Scotland to create a colorful Highland love story. By incorporating a plotline designed to make readers laugh and a cast of charming characters, Moore delights her fans.

When solicitor Gordon MacHeath arrives in the Highlands to aid his friend in a legal matter he is stunned to get caught in a suit over a broken engagement with the lovely young woman he rescued from a tree. Moira McMurdaugh is not easily pushed into marriage. Her dream is not a wedding, but to build a school for the children in the area. Though Moira believes in the right for all to learn, others disagree. Gordon understands why Moira would break her betrothal to the womanizing Robert, and wants to show her he’s the kind of man who would respect and adore her. The hardheaded woman and the kindhearted lawyer become friends and lovers. But as their happiness grows there is danger from several enemies. (HARLEQUIN, Apr., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin