When Nigel Murray overhears Guy Lucette talking to a young woman trying to pass herself off as a boy, he is intrigued for the first time in years.

He offers to help them, for Giselle is on the run, accused of her husbands murder. Nigel offers to help get her out of France. He is attracted to Giselle, but her husbands aggressive hands have left her afraid of human contact.

Nigel is determined to keep her safe and help her unleash her passion. Their feelings turn to love as they travel through France seeking the truth and Giselles freedom.

When Giselle is captured by her husbands cousin, Nigel comes to the rescue and they flee to Scotland, where Giselle comes face to face with the reason Nigel left home seven years ago: his wife.

Nigel must prove his devotion to Giselle, who fears that her presence may bring trouble to his clan. Though the characters are well-developed and there is one adventure after another, the weak conflict and storytelling make this a pleasant but unexciting read. (Jan., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin