Image of Highland Hunger


Image of Highland Hunger

Medieval Scottish vampires are an entertaining bunch. Howell’s premise of vampires searching for “cousins” is intriguing, but could have benefited from a longer format. Ivie’s heroine embraces her new status with enthusiasm – leading to some bloody love scenes with aggressive biting. Sinclair’s tale is the best of the three, with great characters and a unique concept.

Howell’s “Dark Embrace” has vampires searching out the endangered half-breed relatives created by their ancestors. Una teams up with them to free other captured “Lost Ones.” In Ivie’s “A Knight Beyond Black,” Iain arrives to claim Tira. Although Tira was unaware that she was betrothed at birth, she comes to relish the unusual aspects of her marriage. Sinclair’s Dorian, “The Guardian,” is an ancient Greek vampire who, after helping build Rome, now resides in Scotland. He joins forces with Moirae, who has been fighting roving killers — and who has some secrets of her own. (BRAVA, Sep., 288 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan