Colleen Faulkners newest is a triumph! From the dark and dangerous times of old, when possession was the only law and women held no rights, Elen Burnard of Dunblane and Munro Forrest, Earl of Rancoff, create a powerful legend. Fated to be enemies by an ancient land feud, their passions must forge a new destiny to perserve all they hold sacred.

When her dying father does the unthinkable and names Elen the Laird of Dunblane, he bids her to petition the king for the land stolen from them years ago by the Forrests.

Then her sister is kidnapped by the dastardly clan and Elen takes matters into her own hands, capturing Munro, the Earl of Rancoff, and imprisoning him. She intends to trade his life for her sisters, but her heart betrays her by falling in love. Yet, he must never have her hand, for then she will lose possession of Dunblane and any chance to keep the promise she made to her father.

Munro will not take no for an answer, and treachery threatens to claim all Elen holds dear in Ms. Faulkners rich tale. Long respected as a place of ancient lore, Scotland is a perfect backdrop for these warm, inspiring characters and their legendary passion. SENSUAL (May, 350 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black