Return to a place of ancient lore and timeless passion as Anne de Bruce forges her own destiny.

Illegitimate daughter of King Robert the Bruce and ward of Munro Forrest, Anne awaits the man her father must choose as her husband. She fully intends to honor her dutyuntil Tor Henneson storms the gates and her heart.

Tor is only fulfilling his mothers dying wish that her sons find their birth father. He has no need to claim kinship with the man who abandoned him to the hard life of a Viking. But when he meets his father, Munro, he is surprised the man is nothing like what he had previously expected.

Though his brother takes to living in Scotland as if born to it, Tor resists his fathers easy acceptance, feeling he must prove himself worthy.

The test would be easy were it not for his desire for Anne. They share a forbidden passion until consequences force them to ask permission to wed.

Darkness haunts the couple and evil returns to wreak devastation and claim the lives of innocents when vestiges of the past return.

If its a Faulkner, you know its fantastic! Though Munro captured our attention in his own book (Highland Lady), he is a dynamic character again in this latest tale. Ms. Faulkner does the difficult, revisiting a told story, with deft handling and superb suspense, making her latest a guaranteed favorite! SENSUAL (Jan., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black